Book Review | Runaway – Alice Munro

runRunaway is a collection of short stories written by Alice Munro. I first discovered her last year when I was actively working to read more women authors. I picked up Women & Fiction, a collection of short stories, one of which was written by Ms. Munro. Despite not typically being interested in short stories, I was taken with her story and thus sought out this volume.

I couldn’t have been more impressed. I have a few issues with short stories, generally. First of all, it is very difficult to gain my attention in a span of 5-50 pages. I am much more impressed by and interested in character development than plot development. I’ve found that very few short story writers have the chops to interest me in their characters with so few pages.

There are some exceptions and some short story writers who have impressed me, but I’ve always been left wishing they would have made a novel out of it. Short stories always feel unfinished to me and I always feel like I’m just getting a glimpse into the story, when I want the whole shebang.

With this collection, Munro has proven to me that there is indeed at least one short story writer out there who can complete perfect stories in a such a short time frame. While I did love her characters and stories, I did not come to the end and wish they would continue. I came to the end of each of them and felt . . . satisfied.

I can’t recommend Ms. Munro enough.

Currently reading: What Was Lost – Catherine O’Flynn

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