Master List of 2018 Books Read – Ranked Style

So far in January I’ve read 4 books which, obviously, brings me to 4 books for the year. I’ve made some progress on my reading goals too. I’m going to do something a little different this year and rank books as I read them. This will be both my first installment and, as I finish […]

Book Review | New People by Danzy Senna

I loved this book so much that I got to the last 15 pages and then put it aside for days because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these folks yet. New People by Danzy Senna was sent to me in the August Call Number subscription box. It is the story of a mixed couple […]

Review | July Thrifty Books | The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling

I like the Thrifty Books box because it’s pretty darn affordable and it’s introduced me to some great books. I pre-paid for a year and it came out to just over $17 per box including shipping, which is on the lower end compared to other book boxes. You can read reviews of past Thrifty Books boxes here. The […]

Review | The NYRB Book Club August 2017 | In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes

One of the bookish subscription boxes I’ll be reviewing this year doesn’t actually involve a box, so I guess it’s just a bookish subscription. I’m talking about the New York Review Books Book Club. The deal I signed up for included 12 books (one each month, you know) as well as a yearly subscription to The Paris Review (four copies in […]

Review | Books in the Quarterly Literary Box | Fierce Kingdoms by Gin Phillips

Awhile ago, I told y’all about the contents of this quarter’s Quarterly Literary Box, aka PageHabit and like 20 other names. You can read that post to learn more about the box and find other reviews of it and on and on. You can read this post to learn what I thought of the books. […]

Book Review | July Just the Right Book! | Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett

Just the Right Book! is different than the other book subscriptions I’m reviewing this year in that a real life person actually picks a book out just for me – as opposed to picking out one book to go to all subscribers. There are numerous subscriptions to choose from. I choose a 12-month softcover subscription, which […]